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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • Tonya a staff member is an amazing caring person. Everyone there was loving and understanding. My daughter went to play with the puppies and fell in love with one. We ended going back and forth three times and Tonya was so flexible. At the end her step father didn’t want her to get the dog, 🥲 so we couldn’t buy it, but the company was so helpful and helped us through the emotional journey. Great caring place.

    Gloria Thomas

  • Petland in Pickerington has become my go-to store for all my dog food and pet supply needs. During our recent visit, my experience was nothing short of exceptional.

    First and foremost, the wide selection of dog food and pet supplies available at Petland is impressive. They carry a variety of high-quality brands, ensuring that I can find the perfect options for my furry friend. The staff is always knowledgeable and ready to assist, making it easy to find exactly what I need.

    On our last visit, we not only purchased dog food but also had the opportunity to explore their fish section. The range of colorful and healthy fish available was impressive, and we ended up bringing home some beautiful additions to our aquarium.

    One of the standout features of Petland in Pickerington is the friendly and helpful staff. They are always willing to provide advice, answer any questions, and offer guidance on the best products for my pets. Their genuine love for animals is evident in their interactions, and it creates a welcoming and pleasant shopping environment.

    Lastly, the location of Petland is conveniently situated, making it easily accessible whenever I need to restock on pet supplies. The convenience factor is definitely a bonus when it comes to choosing a pet store.

    Overall, I highly recommend Petland in Pickerington. Their extensive selection, friendly staff, and convenient location make it the ideal destination for all your dog food and pet supply needs.

    Stevena Clay

  • Petland Pickerington is a must-visit for families seeking a joy-filled adventure with dogs. With an enchanting atmosphere and a variety of playful puppies, this delightful destination guarantees smiles and cherished memories. Petting and interacting with the dogs is an absolute delight, as children learn about responsibility and experience the unconditional love of our furry friends. From expert staff to top-notch amenities, Petland Pickerington offers a truly exceptional experience. Discover the magic at Petland Pickerington and create unforgettable moments with your family!

    Ronald van Hetten

  • I had such a great experience going into the store, Blair helped me find the perfect dog toys and food for my new puppy.

    Haiden Byrd

  • Great store! Blair was extremely helpful when I needed some assistance in finding new dog food. She was very kind and knowledgeable on the subject! Overall a great experience!

    Luke Pence

  • went in for a couple toys for my dogs/cats and blair helped me out by finding the most annoying squeaky toys i could find, my animals love them!

    korbin shifflet

  • Staff is always very friendly , knowledgeable , and attentive to customers. Every time in the store I work with Laila Jones.

    Jeannie Jones

  • The staff here is unbelievably fun and kind. Not only did Chris walk around the store with me helping me with information, but he did with energy and fun. Making me laugh and joking around, all while being informative. I will soon be coming in to get a puppy as well!!

    Nate Shugart

  • We have 2 Shihtzu from there and they are the best dogs. Still get all their healthy dog food from there.


  • I loved it there, the employees were so sweet. I came there earlier today and got two female parakeets and they are getting along so well. If I ever get more pets that's where I'm getting them from.😁

    Cheyenne Roberts

  • Love coming here with my son! The employees are always so friendly, greet us when we walk on and are very helpful to anything we need in here. One employee forewarned me about them trimming the birds feathers (my son wanted to see the birds) and she said it could scare him. I very much appreciate her looking out for him like that!! Also, a girl with pretty long nails was so friendly to us as well and helped clean up a spill while we were in the puppy play room. Thank you staff for going above and beyond, it makes our day.

    Madison Doughty

  • I bought a 20 gallon aquarium with the stand like week and a half ago and I went back and bought 12 fish customer service was excellent they helped me carry the stuff out of my car it was great service

    Donna Cantrell

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