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Erin C

December 17, 2016

Hello my name is Shayne and I am an owner at this store first of all to people like Jess s how can I reprimand these employees if u don’t get their name, how do u expect us to get better if I can’t talk to the people giving bad service believe me I am a Christian man and I also have a family so get names and post them for me so that I can talk with my guys. I am so so sorry that u and ur hubby were treated that way it’s aweful but even though I am a good man I can’t be there all the time and unless it’s my gm I can’t trust anyone that’s jus retail not because of who they but because nonon will do it like me. That’s terrible u were treated like that as for the puppy mill and omish breeder roomer that’s 100% not true my dogs r bought from usda liscensed breeders who r inspected by that branch. We have recently also been backed at MY store by akc. And provide some kind of reg for most of my dogs. People please listen this is the problem with mas hysteria that one person says something then everyone thinks it’s true, lol and it’s not. Every Petland is diff some r corporate and other franchise unfortunately some of those franchisees realize they can save money upfront yes by buying these awful mill dogs but it’s hurts u with PR and vet bills in long run. I pay a lot of money to make sure my dogs come from the right places and it’s hurts me to think people say other wise I even pay over 100$jus in shipping so the unit that brings them to us is heated and cooled so the puppies aren’t stressed I have never not will ever buy a puppy mill dog it sounds nasty rolling off the tongue doesn’t it guys?? Well that’s all I have to say but please if u have a bad Experience let me know please guys and I will be happy to give anyone a tour of my facility at anytime I have nothing to hide and if u think I’m lying about my puppies and I care well then read the Breeder info u people are adults and that’s why we spend so much time talking with u guys before u but cause too many people buy these dogs and return them they have a contract that goes with them like anything these days and if u read it like a big boy u will see everything in there including where that dog came from and liniage. So again I am sorry my name is Shayne curnutte and I am not scared of people knowing about my Petland I hemerged countless $ not stooping to the low that is a puppy mill and now that I am making money it is easier to get those good puppies but still very costly but jus u know I have no desire or intention on my puppy buying process. One last thing of course ur going to take a puppy home and spend money if it gets sick there guy. It like a child, would u take ur new infant home and then ask to take it back when it got a cold I think not so people it’s a new dnay and age with lots of opinions I am jus asking for open mindedness and ur help to turn this store into a 5 star review if u have a bad employee I want to know about it this many negative comments about my store is not ok and will not be taken lightly thank u to all who commented especially the bad ones ur the most help but don’t swear us of jus yet call me let me help if u would like to speak with me call the gm and ask for my # if need be tell him read this review . Remember u guys r who make a business successful and I don’t to lose u I’ve lived here for over 20 years ur my community my people and I care I do please help make Petland great again!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

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